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Pharrell Williams is Making Garbage Look Good

“RAW for the Oceans” pairs Pharrell’s sense of style with cutting-edge recycling techniques to create eco-friendly fashion.

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As an award winning producer and musician, Pharrell Williams works with some of the most talented artists in the entire music industry. As a fashion designer, though, Pharrell Williams works with garbage. Not high-fashion facsimiles of garbage, like Louis Vuitton’s two thousand dollar trash bag-esque purses.

Actual garbage.

Clothiers G-Star RAW and Williams have teamed up on a fashion project that not only looks good, but which pulls literal trash out of the ocean, transforming tons of discarded plastic into an upscale line of shirts, jeans, and jackets. Partnering with Bionic Yarn—a company which specializes in turning recycled plastic into high quality fabric—Williams and G-Star RAW have released the new Spring/Summer collection of their “RAW for the Oceans” line of clothing. The line, which first launched this past September, is designed to raise awareness of ocean pollution, while simultaneously demonstrating a concrete—if not downright trendy—way to address one of the most significant man-made challenges facing our planet today. As Take Part notes, Williams is on an environmental kick of late, having recently partnered with former Vice President Al Gore for a series of “Live Earth” concerts, aiming to help bring awareness to the issues of climate change and global warming.

Here’s a short explanation from the Summer launch of RAW for the Oceans’ first collection:

Williams serves as Bionic Yarn’s “Creative Director,” and both co-designs and curates the RAW for the Oceans collection.

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RAW for the Ocean does includes a number of options for head wear. Unfortunately, Pharrell’s now-infamous Dudley Do-Right hat isn’t one.

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