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Unable To Attend Prom For ‘Personal Reasons’, These Two Teens Created Their Own Special Event At Home

by Penn Collins

May 15, 2017

While the media is quick to jump on stories about schools banning students from prom for their dress or their choice of partner, many students face obstacles to attending from their families and beliefs as well. Often, a family’s religious beliefs will preclude a student from attending, depending on how they choose to define premarital romantic activities. 

Sure, it’s a hardship for teens only in a social sense, but being unable to attend the biggest event of the year with someone you like can be disappointing. 

Fortunately, kids seem to be getting more clever in their workarounds, as these two did when they cited “personal reasons” for their inability to attend prom. 

Even though the couple wasn’t going to prom, the boyfriend didn’t let that keep them from turning the night into a celebration. He brought prom to them, and his event probably had a more tasteful decor than the main event at school. The entire thing was a surprise to Twitter user Sashi Kitsune, who was surely shocked when she stepped into this: 


If their abstention from prom was a religious decision, I’m not sure how their families will feel about these pics (especially the one of the kiss), going viral, but it’s pretty clear that they managed to have a great time on their own terms, which will be just as memorable than a school dance. 

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Unable To Attend Prom For ‘Personal Reasons’, These Two Teens Created Their Own Special Event At Home