Public Transit Cuts: This Is Getting Bad

Yes, mass transit makes more sense than ever. Buses, trains, and subways are efficient and clean ways of moving people around. But unfortunately, state and federal funds are what keep these systems afloat, and they're drying up. As a result, so are public transportation jobs. Here (from the Environmental Defense Fund) is a look at the damage.

And these are the expected layoffs:

It's conceivable that some of these cuts make some sense, but the overall picture here is of the better modes of transportation withering up because of lack of public funds, leaving people with nowhere to turn but their cars. For those of you who live in one of these cites, have you noticed a decline in service?(Also noteworthy: There's a transit system in Cincinnati called SORTA. That's SORTA awesome.)Photo (cc) from Flickr user ReneS.