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Push for Good: This Week's Guide to Crowdfunding Creative Progress

Innovation makes the world go around, so why not crowdfund it? The best thinkers and ideamakers are the those who can make collective progress, so if we support their causes, projects, and ideas, we can be a part of bettering the future of our planet.

Maybe you don’t know what causes you care about yet, or maybe you’re still searching. Consider this a guide of the goodness you can get behind. Take a look at GOOD's curated Kickstarter page, which we'll be updating regularly, and check back every Saturday for a round up of our favorite projects from the crowdfunding world.

2 Days to Go (and doing really well): This Mother's Day, Consider Orphans Over Orchids

Rather than honoring your mother with an orchid this Mother's Day, consider donating to an orphanage that can provide nutritious food, clean clothes, school uniforms, life-skills training, tutoring, friendship, and loving housemothers to 100 children in India. Provide a rich environment to orphans in dramatically under-resourced orphanages so that they have the chance to reach their full potential and become healthy, self-sustaining adults. Read more from The Miracle Foundation's founder and GOOD member, Caroline Boudreaux.

5 Days to Go (and a long long way off): Exploring the Underground Railroad with The Sweep Project

You may think that sweeping is tedious, but GOOD member and artist David JP Hooker is willing to sweep 28.5 miles of the underground railroad in Will County, Illinois to start a conversation about race relations in his city. Read more about his philosophy on sweeping here.

11 Days to Go (and a long way off): Redesign Your City's Streets With This Mobile App

Have you ever considered fixing your own street before the city has time to respond? Jessica Lowry, GOOD member and founder of tech start-up Key to the Street, has an idea that could turn you into a guerilla urban planner. With her mobile app, you can take pictures of unwalkable streets, then draw over them so that you can suggest redesigns to your city via 311, Twitter, or email. Read more from her here.

12 Days to Go (and a success story): Learn About Climate Change with Comics

Climate change is not always an accessible subject to grasp, so, author and standup economist Yoram Bauman has decided to use cartoons to give both kids and adults the ability to understand it. The project is already fully funded, but consider donating to this educational project that could make more people realize the reality! Read more from him here.

18 Days to Go (and halfway there): Provide Free Summer Art Camp for Children in the Rockaways

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, did you know how to help the people that were impacted? Now, kids in the Rockaways need enrichment, and this free four-week summer camp offers art making, creative problem-solving, ecological engagement, and nutrition lessons to stimulate young minds in the community.

19 Days to Go (and a long way off): Make Los Angeles More Walkable with Los Angeles Walks

Many people say Los Angeles is unwalkable, but if you're a resident, have you even tried it? Here at GOOD HQ, we took a group walk to lunch on Friday. Sometimes, it just takes baby steps to get started. Los Angeles Walks is encouraging people in the city to get together for group walks and GOOD member Alissa Walker wants you to join her. Read how you can get involved here.

22 Days to Go (and a third of the way there): Spark an Interest in Science with STEAM Carnival

What's a way to get kids hooked on science? How about a carnival of technology, engineering, and art? Engineer and GOOD member Brent Bushnell tells us how he came up with this zany idea here.

24 Days to Go: Make Some Compost with Biodegradable Shoes When Summer Ends

According to, we throw over 700 thousand tons of apparel and footwear into our landfills annually and 300 million pairs of shoes are thrown away each year. If this is happening, why not make the shoes biodegradable? Tying up our conversation about walking and climate change, these shoes give back to the earth and provide opportunities globally, while making any active sport seem like a barefoot, yet safe experience. See how designer and GOOD member Steve Boynton came up with these 90-day easy-to-make shoes that are actually comfortable to wear.

Tell us what projects you're getting behind in the comments below. And, since it's Transportation month, let us know about any innovative projects that effectively redefine city streets or get people from point A to point B. Push progress forward, and do it for our collective good.

Click here to add crowdfunding projects you can care about to your To-Do list.

Illustration by Jessica De Jesus

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