Read GOOD Issue 023: The Swollen Beast That Is Los Angeles

In this issue, we explore the urban environment through the lens of Los Angeles. On newsstands and online right here.

For the 23rd time, we're proud to present to you our print magazine—online. In this issue, we explore the modern urban environment through the lens of Los Angeles.

It's an effort to better understand (and, ideally, solve) the problems of 21st-century cities. Where better to do that than in a place so thoroughly shaped by the 20th—from its industries to its infrastructure to its insistence on doing everything it does with the help of a car.

Before you start reading, spend some time with Geoff McFetridge's remarkable Graphic Statement, a fictional, hand-drawn map of L.A., culled from the imaginations of Raymond Chandler, Mark Z. Danielewski, Joan Didion, Thomas Pynchon, Walter Mosley, and more. Then take a look at David Greene's investigation of the life, near death, and fate of the Los Angeles Times. Or feast your eyes on Will Etling's photo essay, "Bricks and Mortar in the City of Angels," which captures the architecture of Angeleno faith from the Wilshire Boulevard Temple to the Scientology Center. Later, Planetizen's Tim Halbur looks into the future of L.A. mass transit and finds reasons for optimism.

But there's so much more than that. You can see it all here. And learn how the entire issue came to life at our GOOD Local L.A. events this past weekend.