San Francisco Bikeshare Program: The Specifics San Francisco Bikeshare Program: The Specifics

San Francisco Bikeshare Program: The Specifics

by Siobhan O'Connor

October 30, 2010

Exciting news out of San Francisco: The city has announced that it will pilot an almost $8 million bikeshare pilot, starting next year. A thousand bicycles will be made available for members with smart cards or credit cards, which they'll swipe to unlock a two-wheeler.

The goal, of course, is to incentivize non-car commuting by making it easier and cheaper. It'll be funded by the transportation commission and the air-quality office. Writes the San Francisco Chronicle:

Specific prices have yet to be set, but probably would fall somewhere between the cost of riding transit and taking a taxi, said Timothy Papandreou, deputy director of planning for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, a partner in the experiment.

San Francisco has also learned from the pitfalls programs like this face (vandalism and theft), and will make the locks harder to tamper with, and equip the bikes with GPS.

It's always exciting when cities implement programs like this—and dozens have around the world. Considering its (comparatively) low pricetag, here's hoping this inspires more cities to get with the program.

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San Francisco Bikeshare Program: The Specifics