No Woman, No Cry: Women's Tears a Turnoff for Men

A new study says crying women are a turnoff for men.

If you're thinking a nice, sad romance flick a la Titanic makes for the perfect date film, dry those tears and think again.

You may not know it, but human eyes produce two different kinds of tears—those that flow due to physical stress (i.e. an errant eyelash on the cornea) and those that flow due to emotions. (i.e. Leonardo DiCaprio sinking into the briny depths). Scientists have known about this chemical difference for years, but it wasn't until recently that they discovered the impact the difference can have on male-female relations.

Researchers in Israel had two women watch depressing movies and have their tears collected. They then had a group of men smell both the women's tears and a saline solution. Though the men reported that they couldn't tell the difference between the tears and the solution, their physical reactions to the two were drastically different:

When the men looked at emotionally neutral images of women’s faces after sniffing real tears, they reported less sexual attraction. The men also had lower levels of testosterone and less physiological arousal after smelling emotional tears compared with saline.


In other words, best to stick with romcoms on date night.

photo (cc) via Flickr user kusmierz