Scientists Are Already Rallying Against Trump

Welcome to the US of Science

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Watching President Obama bid adieu to the highest office in the country is heartbreaking for many, but most of all, perhaps, for those who hoped science would be held to a higher regard by the end of his two terms. With Donald Trump officially assuming the role of commander in chief, the scientific community can only expect their hard-won progress to be derailed—thanks to his disregard for facts, his severe denial of climate change, and his contempt for intellectual debate.

But that doesn’t mean scientific minds are about to back down. In anticipation of Inauguration Day, researchers jumped behind the hashtag #USofScience, propelling the opinions of researchers to the forefront of the social media platform. University of Maine ecologist Jacquelyn Gill launched the celebration of knowledge with a call for fellow science lovers to post about historic discoveries and groundbreaking research.

If you’re looking for something inspiring to cut through the surreal normalcy of a spray-tanned bigot assuming the role of president, scroll through the most uplifting (and sobering) messages from some of the internet’s brightest.

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