Seafood Networking: Lets Tokyo Fishermen Sell Their Catch Online

These days, we're connected to everyone we've ever met via Facebook, but the people who supply our food are often still total strangers.

In Japan, a collective of fishermen in Tokyo Bay have lauched a website to connect consumers with the fish they buy in an efficient new way. allows fishermen to upload pictures of their catches from their boats and begin selling directly to consumers before they've even returned to shore. If you order a catch in the morning, you can have it delivered to your home on the same day.

By cutting out the middleman, makes fishing more lucrative for the people who are actually on the water (and makes fish cheaper for their customers). But it also helps consumers get a better sense of where their food comes from, which helps people think about their choices in a new light. Imagine if we had this kind of transparency with beef in America. Eating habits would change.