Seattle Cracks Down on Pointless Phonebooks Seattle Cracks Down on Pointless Phonebooks

Seattle Cracks Down on Pointless Phonebooks

by Andrew Price

October 15, 2010

Do you have phonebooks piling up on your doorstep? Phonebooks made of paper and wrapped in plastic that you will never use because it's the year 2010? Many of us do and it's infuriating. Seattle is trying to stop the madness:

The Seattle City council voted Monday on a yellow pages "opt-out" ordinance that would get rid of those phone books. Seattle becomes the first city in the country to set up an opt-out registry if you don't want to receive yellow pages.

City Councilor Mike O'Brien says unwanted yellow pages cost the Seattle $350,000 a year in recycling costs. O'Brien was behind the push to allow residents to say no to the books.

Under the ordinance, if someone has opted-out and still receives a book, the publisher could be fined $125. Also the publisher would have to report the number of books they distribute and pay a 14 cent-per-book recovery fee.

I'd like to see this go a little bit further. People who actually do want a phone book should have to opt in to get them.

For now, if you don't live in Seattle, you can use this Yellow Pages site to send a second-hand, nonbinding request to your local publisher to stop delivering phone books to your address and hope they pay attention.

Via Treehugger. T2YU3FKQJA3R

Photo (cc) from Flickr user PinkMoose

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Seattle Cracks Down on Pointless Phonebooks