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Finally, a Way to Stop Getting Those Dumb Yellow Pages

The famed phonebook company is at long last making a serious push to stop delivering their product to people who don't need it.

If you're like us, you're probably pretty sick of seeing the Yellow Pages clog the doorsteps, the sidewalks, and—without fail—the garbage cans of your city. Not only are they a pain to haul to the recycling bin, in a world in which more and more people are turning to their computers and smartphones to find addresses and phone numbers, it's a phenomenal waste of paper to presume every citizen in America needs a phonebook. Late last year, in fact, two Canadians returned hundreds of unused copies of the Yellow Pages to the Yellow Pages offices in an effort to make the point that many people no longer require the book. Today, it seems the duo's message got through.

Though Yellow Pages has tried before to let people opt out of receiving its publication, its campaign was lackluster and didn't go as far as some would have liked. In its latest effort to eliminate waste, Yellow Pages is hosting an opt-out website through which consumers can cancel delivery of the book, learn where to recycle their old books, and download the company's inaugural "sustainability report," a to-be annual look into Yellow Pages' "environmental impact, commitment, and goals."

Let your fingers do the walking on your keyboard and cancel your unwanted subscription today.

photo (cc) via Flickr user Unlisted Sightings

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