See Powers of Ten on 10/10/10

This Sunday celebrates the famous film created by Charles and Ray Eames on thinking-and acting-at scale.


There's a lot going on this Sunday. Here in L.A., it's our first CicLAvia, and it's also Bill McKibben and's 10/10/10 global work day. But designers might be especially interested in a series of events worldwide celebrating Powers of Ten, the iconic film on scale made by designers Charles and Ray Eames in 1968.

As Eames Demetrios, grandson of the famous designing couple and an accomplished artist and instigator in his own right, writes on the Powers of Ten website that thinking about scale is actually a quite powerful way to tackle the world's problems. As you watch the film (embedded above), think about what he says:

We believe that much of the magic and many of the problems of the world are matters of scale, and yet that we are not really wired to understand the extremes of scale — or even exponential change in general.

We believe that having a deep understanding of scale makes us all better citizens of the world.

We believe that creating ways for people to have hands on experience with scale makes that understanding possible.


This Sunday, you could watch the film in your own home, of course, but it might be fun to get out and talk scale and problem-solving with fellow designers and thinkers. The Powers of Ten blog links events, screenings and workshops taking place around the world. Consider it a day of design thinking, squared.