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Ariana Grande Asks Fans To Stop Cropping Themselves Out Of Selfies They Take With Her

“Show yourselves that same kindness.”

Ariana Grande poses for a selfie with fans during an event. Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images.


The pop singer sends an empowering message to her fans by asking them to stop covering their faces in selfies with her.

A 2017 report by the U.K.’s Royal Society for Public Health found Instagram to be the most damaging social network for mental health, affecting anxiety levels and body satisfaction.

Another report from the University of New South Wales and Macquarie University revealed that just 30 minutes a day of looking at pictures of celebrities and fitness models can make young women negatively fixate on their appearances.


Pop sensation Ariana Grande is reported as the third most popular person on Instagram with over 118 million followers. While she posts photos of herself on a daily basis, she also appears on social media in countless selfies she takes with the public.

Grande has a firsthand view of how social media can have a negative effect on body image.

She often sees her fans crop themselves out of the impromptu photos they take with her or cover their faces with emojis. To encourage her fans to treat themselves with “kindness,” Grande took to Instagram to ask them to show their faces in selfies.

March 10: Ariana via her Instagram Stories

A post shared by Ariana Grande (@arianagrandeupdatesx) on


“I love meeting y’all out and about,” she wrote. “It makes me so so happy! But it makes me so sad when y’all don’t put your faces in the photos or put emojis over your faces or ask to not be in them!”

“You show me so much unconditional love all the time no matter what tf I look like,” Grande wrote. “You deserve to show yourselves that same kindness. Please learn to give that to yourselves. You will get there and you deserve it and I love you the very same way!”

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