Share Your Spring Bike Tune-up Tips Share Your Spring Bike Tune-up Tips

Share Your Spring Bike Tune-up Tips

by Siobhan O'Connor

March 25, 2010
Springtime in New York (and elsewhere, surely) means drivers and winter diehards have to start sharing the road with the rest of us. But since bicycles don't keep themselves in riding shape on their own, and bike tune-ups can cost anywhere from 20 bucks to 75 or more, it's worth figuring out how to do it yourself.If you ask President Bush's bike mechanic-and Popular Mechanics did-he'll tell you the things to take care of are dust/dirt, tires, gears and brakes (he explains why and how here). And The New York Times has a short, basics-only video up, showing how to check your tire valves and your brakes, and how to lube up your chain. But it's hardly comprehensive.So we want to hear from you about how you get your bike in shape for regular use. Do you just refill the tires and hope for the best? Do you have a friend who does it for you? Better yet, do you know how to tune-up your bike yourself?Photo (CC) by Flickr user Yewenyi
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Share Your Spring Bike Tune-up Tips