Sleeping With the Fishes: An Underwater Hotel

Deep Water Technology has designed an underwater hotel, and will begin construction on a prototype this month.

A Polish design firm is about to begin construction on a prototype of a new hotel with two main parts: one just above the surface of the ocean, and one section that can be up to 10 meters underwater. The building is designed to be modular, so additional disc-shaped structures can be added to create a full resort.

The above-water disc is intended to be high enough above the waves to avoid storm surges and tsunamis, but in an emergency, it can detach and float independently. The underwater portion can also detach and rise to surface if necessary. The structures can also be moved to other locations.

Guests enter the hotel above water and take an elevator below. Once there, they can look out glass-walled rooms at the ocean, or put on scuba gear and go directly through an airlock to dive.

Is it sustainable? Probably not, but it's an interesting example of architecture that could adapt to rising water levels, a critical need as the climate changes.

Images courtesy of Deep Ocean Technology.