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Superhero dad had the best comeback when a troll called his 6-year-old daughter a lesbian.

I'm not crying—YOU'RE crying.

Times are hard right now but let’s not give up hope, because real superheroes live among us!!!!! Like this adorable little 6-year-old girl who dressed up as Thor for Halloween:

via Reddit

Her proud dad shared the photo on Reddit with the caption “my youngest daughter as Thor, her favourite superhero.”

But then, because the internet is a stinking cesspool, this dad's post was targeted by a homophobic troll who commented: “This is how you create a lesbian. Better counteract now.”

Yup, someone took time out of their day to gay-bash a 6-year-old.

Fortunately, being a superhero must run in the family. Because this dad had the perfect comeback, and someone grabbed a screenshot before the original troll's comment was deleted. It was then posted to MurderedByWords:

The dad wrote:

So you think you there is something wrong if my daughter was to grow up to be lesbian? As her father all I want for my daughter is for her to grow up, be happy and be healthy, if she grows up to be gay and that makes her happy so be it..

You really need to take a look in the mirror and think do you want to be that person who try's to somehow in your twisted way insult a 6 year old who is clearly happy dressed as her favourite superhero?

SUPER-DAD TO THE RESCUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not crying—YOU'RE crying* (*a lie, since we're obviously both crying, and there is NO shame in that).

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