Chilling Video Shows A Heroic Mom Fighting Off A Kidnapper In Broad Daylight

She fought like hell.

Terrifying security camera footage shot in the Neihu district in Taipei, Taiwan shows a man attempting to kidnap a young girl in borad daylight.

In the video, a man later identified by authorities as Chou, 33, is see loitering outside of a restaurant. A mother and daughter walk past, presumably on the way home from school, and Chou grabs the little girl by her backpack.

But, luckily for the mother, she was holding her daughter’s hand so she was able to hold on as the kidnaper tried to run away with her. This began a viscous tug-of-war where the mother held on to her daughter for dear life.

Bystanders quickly arrived on the scene and pulled out their phones to take video of the kidnaper and call the authorities. After picking up a few bags, Chou fled the scene.

Chou was later arrested by the police and he claimed he mistook the mother and child for someone else. Police from the Dahu precinct confirmed that while Wu and her daughter were both shaken by the incident, neither suffered any injuries.

According to News.Au, Chou was a swim instructor at a local pool and has lost his job while awaiting trial.

If the kidnaper would have been successful, the young girl would have been in a dire situation. In Asia, kidnaped children are often sold to adoptive families, slave labor, or prostitution.