Fantastic Video Of A Talking Baby Is Going Viral

She’s only one!

via Facebook

Whether it’s women in a beauty shop or men in a barber shop, there’s a special type of bonding that happens when people do each other’s hair. Last week, Kerry Robinson of San Antonio, Texas, posted an incredible video of herself talking to her stylist/daughter, Jayde. The one-year-old is such an amazing conversationalist that the video has already been seen over 17,000,000 times.

Some of the funniest moments come when the two discuss Jayde’s father.

“Can you believe he tried to ask me to get up first to get your breakfast?” Kerry asked Jayde in the video.

“Then what happened?” Jayde asked her mom.

“Girl, I fell out. Girl, I’m trying to tell you. Ain’t he crazy?” Kerry replied.

“He crazy, girl,” Jayde agreed.

Robinson told ABC News that she gave her daughter a hairbrush to keep her from running around the house. “We really just do this kind of stuff all the time, because her personality is so big,” Robinson added. She believes that her daughter’s precocious gift of gab comes from her partner, Francis Garner. “Her dad has always talked to her like a normal adult,” Robinson said. “We never really did the baby talk. She’s really smart. She really repeats everything.”