The Yes Lab: Bringing Pranks to the People

The duo known as the Yes Men has been pranking mendacious politicians and evil corporations for more than a decade. Over the years they have set up a fake (but convincing) website for the WTO, impersonated a Dow Chemical representative on the BBC, and put out a satirical "climate edition" of the New York Post .

Sounds like fun, right? Now they're letting you get in on the action with the new Yes Lab , "a series of brainstorms and trainings to help activist groups carry out Yes-Men-style activist projects on their own." There are already four Yes Lab projects in the works, and they're currently soliciting ideas for new ones. They're also looking for support (the monetary kind) to expand the Lab. If you can chip in, they may send you a "bona-fide imitation human-flesh candle" from Exxon.