The Greenest Skyscraper Of Them All The Greenest Skyscraper Of Them All

The Greenest Skyscraper Of Them All

April 5, 2006

Bank of America is currently building an enormous new office building at One Bryant Park, in midtown Manhattan. Slated to be completed by 2008, the massive, shimmery tower will be the first skyscraper to receive a platinum LEED rating from the U.S Green Building Council. According to Popular Science, who gave the design an award for Best Engineering of 2005, 70% of the energy it uses will come from an internal power plant, water for toilets will be collected on the roof, and the interior will be cooled with ice made with extra power in off-peak hours. It was designed by Cook + Fox Architects, and will be, along with Norman Foster's new Hearst Building, a welcome addition to New York's skyline.

Meanwhile, Worldchanging discusses making commercial houses completely energy independent.

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The Greenest Skyscraper Of Them All