This McAfee-the-Anti-Virus-Guy Adventure Keeps Getting Crazier

OK, so maybe here's one guy who could play a Bond villain.

Earlier, we noted that Elon Musk had been described as the kind of guy who wouldn't be out of place as a Bond villain. We cautiously disagree, but we're starting to come around on someone else who feels like he stepped out of a movie: John McAfee, (yes, the anti-virus guy).

You should probably read this earlier, longer account of his misadventures, but here's the latest chapter, via pandodaily, as a teaser: The fugitive computer security expert, wanted in connection with a murder in Belize, claims to have changed EXIF data in a photo to mislead authorities and to have evaded capture by using a body double with a North Korean passport.

Looks like Wired will have a feature on McAfee in their January issue, too, so look out for that.

Photo via Flickr (cc) user wrote.