This Week In GOOD

Shiver our timbers and blow us down, it's been a wild week around our office--just wild enough to appropriate the language of pirates, though maybe not wild enough to dress like them...yet.It's also been a wild week around the web: Hilary's in . Kerry's out . What about Al ? You'd think we might know a thing or two about this, but no.The Industrial Revolution got retrofitted .Companies got up in arms before President Bush's big speech .Meanwhile, China ushered in a new era of futuristic war games, much to our chagrin.Oil got terror-free , and ForaTV got speechy-keen.As the week crept to a close, the police in Chattanooga did their best Minority Report impression . And we got sucked into a plans for the weekend? We'll be watching the Finals of the Australian Open (Federer vs. Gonzalez! Sharapova vs. Williams!) at various bars around Los Angeles and New York. If you can catch us, we just might give you a surprise. Cheers.