This Week In GOOD

Did you guys cry during the big speech last night? We cried a little. This morning, however, we just laughed at the reality that this is the wackiest, most progressive election we young pups could imagine. Seriously, if McCain's elected, who's gonna be Secretary of Defense? Tyrannosaurus Rex?This week, we did some real-deal nose-to-the-grindstone journalism, sending a series of Dispatches from the DNC (next week we'll return the favor with our equally alliterative Reports from the RNC).To the roughly 700 new friends we made in Chicago last weekend, we love you all. Please indulge in a walk down short-term memory lane by laying your eyes on these photo booth and Flickr pics from Saturday's fun.See you in St. Paul!Photo shows the $10 "Time for Change" watch that our deputy editor bought on the way into Invesco Field last night. It should be noted that within half an hour of purchase, the watch had fallen behind by a few minutes...not that a crappy piece of swag should be taken as a harbinger or anything.