Trump Campaign’s Claim He Won A Medal From The NAACP Debunked

The true story behind the award is mind boggling even by Trump standards

Believe it or not, that tweet about Donald Trump receiving an NAACP medal is… not accurate.

“A man for ALL people,” Team Trump insider Michael Cohen captioned a cropped 1989 photo he posted to Twitter, claiming the mogul, Muhammad Ali, and Rosa Parks were “all receiving #NAACP medals for helping America’s inner cities.”

In fact, the medals came from an organization whipped up by Trump’s own real estate broker, who didn’t like the way an assortment of naturalized citizens honored on the Statue of Liberty’s centennial seemed to de-emphasize Italian, Irish, and Polish Americans. The guy, William Fugazy, shared a lot with Trump in decades past—an elite friend group, a history of bankruptcy, and a not-so-chilly relationship with the Clintons: in 2001, Bill pardoned him with one foot out the door of the White House, saving Fugazy from (of all things) a perjury conviction.

In fact, the medal ceremony Fugazy created to get back at the centenary awards dished out honors so generously that Hillary Clinton herself got one—as well as another figure Trump has famously heaped with scorn, Sen. John McCain. Nothing about the awards focused on inner cities or African Americans. The first reply to Cohen’s tweet provides a link to the Huffington Post article debunking his claims.