The 7 People (And Pets) We’ll Miss The Most Once The Election Is Over

Without them, we might not have survived this election season

Image via @meetgarfi/Instagram

We can all agree that the 2016 presidential election has been a train wreck from which we just can’t look away. However shocking and demoralizing it’s been at times, we can also agree that there have been plenty of people who’ve valiantly led the way like tweetable lighthouses in a storm. These are the people, pets, and memes we’ll miss the most once this election finally comes to an end.

Trump Your Cat

There’s really no better comic relief for this election than cats wearing their own fur as wigs.

The Bald Eagle That Attacked Donald Trump

During a photo shoot for Time, a living, breathing symbol of the American spirit tried to peck Trump’s eyes out and mess up his comb-over. Clearly, this eagle did everything we wish we could.

Sticker Kid

This kid moving his mouth around with two giant Hillary Clinton stickers on his face is easily one of the top five best moments of this election season. As clearly the most adorable human of all time, he also provided a much-needed ray of sunshine to break up this year’s many dark days.

Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump

Nearly reaching the status of Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin, Alec Baldwin has done an impressive job imitating Trump’s gross, misogynistic antics so we can crack a laugh amidst the horror show that is Trump’s campaign. He also nails the Republican candidate’s pronunciation of China (aka “gina”).

Anthony Atamanuik’s Donald Trump

He’s the edgier, grittier Trump impressionist you probably never heard about—despite the fact that he’s been slaying it all year in mock debates with James Adomian’s extra frazzled version of Bernie Sanders. What started as a hilarious teardown of Donald Drumpf morphed into a horrifyingly accurate portrait as his campaign became all too real. Maybe we can convince Atamanuik to parody Donald into oblivion because it feels way too soon to see him go.

Senator Bernie Sanders


He’s the white-haired angel we never knew we needed until this election season began, and now that it’s almost over, many are wondering how we can live in a world without feeling the bern. Luckily, there is some hope; Sanders wrote in a piece for The Boston Globe that he plans to stay active in politics with the goal of pushing forward his famously progressive agenda. Let’s just hope he never brushes his hair.

President Barack Obama

Barack Obama will go down not only as a legend of epic proportions, but also as the funniest president we’ve ever had. Who could ever forget him dissing The Hangover Part III on Between Two Ferns? Or that time he read mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with the expert delivery of a professional comic? The guy has literally and figuratively dropped the mic on everything from education reform to reddit.


Oh, there’s also the fact that he cut the unemployment rate in half during his presidency, generating 73 straight months of job growth; brought healthcare to 32 million uninsured Americans; and ended the war in Iraq. If the U.S. Constitution allowed for it, we’d keep you forever, Obama.


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