A Scientific Breakdown Of Why Some People Love Listening To Trump

Despite the gibberish, he’s a deceptively masterful public speaker.

If you watched the finale of the Republican National Convention Thursday night, then you likely heard a lot of Donald Trump repeating many of the same things. As it turns out, this may be one of his intricate strategies for getting a wide audience to listen intently to his words.

A video posted to YouTube by Nerdwriter1 reveals word by word how Trump meticulously draws in listeners by reinforcing key points and using simple language. From a comfortable distance, Donald Trump often sounds largely incoherent, dropping sentences halfway through and sometimes incorporating pure gibberish. But, as the video suggests, a clear formula underlies the inflammatory sound bites and outlandish proposals, directing every carefully chosen word.

By dissecting Trump’s one-minute answer to a question posed by Jimmy Kimmel, we can better understand how the Republican presidential nominee has amassed such a huge—or shall I say “you-ge” following. In contrast to other politicians, Trump wholeheartedly rejects sophisticated language and intellectual engagement. Communicating at a fourth-grade level, he is the ultimate salesman, repeating key words and speaking in the second person to get listeners on his side. You may not respect the man’s policies, behavior, or general appearance, but his technique is deceivingly masterful.