Do You Believe In Conspiracies? Depends On If You’re A Clinton Or Trump Voter.

This says a lot.

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There is no way to have a properly functioning democracy without an informed public. But time after time, polls show that far too many Americans believe in conspiracy theories. A poll conducted by The Economist/YouGov found that a person’s political preferences are a major factor in determining whether they’ll believe a conspiracy.

First, the poll found that Americans of all political stripes are ill-informed on some major issues.

Do you believe there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that the U.S. never found?

53% YES / 47% NO

Do you believe that vaccines cause autism?

31% YES / 69% NO

When it comes to partisan issues, Trump supporters are more likely to believe in conspiracies than people who voted for Clinton.

Do you believe the following statements are definitely or probably true or definitely or probably untrue?

Leaked email from some of Hillary Clinton’s campaign staffers contained code words for pedophilia, human trafficking, and satanic ritual abuse — some people refer to as “Pizzagate.”

Clinton voters: 17% TRUE / 82% UNTRUE

Trump Voters: 46% TRUE / 53% UNTRUE

President Obama was born in Kenya:

Clinton: 11% TRUE / 89% UNTRUE

Trump: 52% TRUE / 48% UNTRUE

Millions of illegal votes were cast in the 2016 election:

Clinton: 25% TRUE / 75% UNTRUE

Trump: 62% TRUE 38% / UNTRUE

Vaccines have been shown to cause autism:

Clinton: 18% TRUE / 81% UNTRUE

Trump: 31% TRUE / 69% UNTRUE

The U.S. government helped plan the 9/11 attacks:

Clinton: 17% TRUE / 83% UNTRUE

Trump: 15% TRUE / 85% UNTRUE

Russia tampered with vote tallies to help Donald Trump:

Clinton: 50% TRUE / 50% UNTRUE

Trump: 9% TRUE / 92% UNTRUE