New Browser Extension Turns Trump’s Tweets Into A Child’s Scribble

They make more sense written in crayon

via Twitter

Any amateur psychologist could easily diagnose Donald Trump with a case of arrested development. He bullies other politicians and celebrities like a kid on a schoolyard. He’s an unrepentant narcissist and throws public tantrums on a daily basis. A casual guess easily pegs him as having the emotional intelligence of a seven year old. Given Trump’s childlike behavior, the folks at “The Daily Show” have created a browser extension that converts Trump’s tweets back into their rightful state: a child’s scribble.

The browser extension makes is so whenever you scroll past a Trump tweet in your timeline, it appears as though it was written by a child with a colorful pen set and poor penmanship. Trump’s tweets make a lot more sense when they are shown as if they were the thoughts of an elementary schooler. They may even make you wish we elected Kid President instead of Trump.

To download the extension (Chrome or Firefox):

— Go to
— Click on the pink post-it on the left-hand corner of the screen
— Click “Add to Chrome”
— Log on to Twitter and enjoy