Fox News Host Tries To Take On Bill Nye In Scientific Debate

Nye was ready

Tucker Carlson has only been hosting his new Fox News show for three months but he’s already emerged as the second coming of Bill O’Reilly for many of his conservative fans. But Tucker Carlson Tonight turned into an experiment gone wrong when its host decided he was ready to take down Bill Nye, aka, The Science Guy.

During their nine-minute-debate, the best shot Carlson landed was in attempting to explain by what percentage humans are responsible for global climate change.

Carlson opened his segment by saying Nye wants to become a “leading psychoanalyst” based on remarks he made during a townhall with Sen. Bernie Sanders:

“The mechanical engineer and TV personality said skeptics of global warming suffer from the psychological delusion of cognitive dissonance.”

But once he was allowed to respond, Nye was ready:

“Cognitive dissonance is not a delusion,” he said. “It’s a feature, it’s human nature. So we, in the science community, are looking for an explanation why climate change deniers, or extreme skeptics, do not accept the overwhelming scientific evidence for climate change.”

Carlson then tried to challenge Nye on the basic premise of the scientific theory, arguing that climate change deniers are actually honoring science by remaining steadfastly skeptical.

Well, Nye wasn’t having any of that. “Climate change denial is denial,” he said. “The evidence is overwhelming.”

Knowing that he wasn’t going to win on the actual science, Carlson then tried to pin down Nye on “what percent” human activity was responsible for accelerating climate change. “100 percent,” Nye responded calmly, leaving Carlson momentarily silenced.

Curiously, some conservative news sites actually tried to argue that it was Carlson who came out ahead in the exchange. But when you’re dealing with a group already predisposed to reject scientific findings, it probably shouldn’t be too shocking that they would reach their own evidence-free conclusions here as well.

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