The Science Guy Takes on Climate Change Deniers

Known best by third and fourth graders nationwide for his wacky experiments and science-themed parody songs, Bill Nye the Science Guy is, believe...

Known best by third and fourth graders nationwide for his wacky experiments and science-themed parody songs, Bill Nye the Science Guy is, believe it or not, a legit scientist. In his post-PBS life, Nye has made it known that he believes global warming to be a product of humans; he recently appeared on The O'Reilly Factor to make his case. Treehugger writes of his debate with the weather forecaster Joe Bastardi:
He's also right about the recent 'cooling' trend touted by so many non-science types. Since 1998 was so exceptionally hot, many climate action opponents use it to obscure the fact that subsequent years, while not all as hot as '98, have shown a definite warming trend throughout the 2000s. They falsely claim a 'cooling trend' occurred, when, in fact, the 00s were found to be the hottest decade on record by a number of scientific institutions, including the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA.
Sporting his signature bow tie (sadly no lab coat), Nye keeps his composure, bringing up a number of valid points and a reference map while O'Reilly refereed the two. Check out the full video over at Treehugger. How do you think America's favorite Science Guy fared? Equally important, how do I get this theme song out of my head?Photo courtesy of InHouse
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