Angelenos Mobilize to Protest Citizens United Angelenos Mobilize to Protest Citizens United

Angelenos Mobilize to Protest Citizens United

by GOOD Worldwide

April 5, 2012

Last Saturday, GOOD joined forces with artist John Quigley and Interconnected to create an aerial photograph protesting the Supreme Court’s recent Citizens United decision. The crowd, which included actress Marisa Tomei, braved an unexpectedly rainy Los Angeles morning in order to show their opposition to the ruling, which prohibited Congress from limiting corporate contributions to political campaigns.

Organized by All in for the 99%, the event kicked off a day filled with art, music, workshops and speeches that sought to renew attention to the cause of the 99 percent. Edward Norton and Van Jones spoke, followed by a performance by Tenacious D and a DJ set by Moby.

Does the influx of money in our government concern you? Lawrence Lessig has been mobilizing people to fight corruption in Congress, asking them to sign an anti-corruption pledge and encourage their representatives to do the same. And stay tuned to for opportunities to fight the corrupting influence of money in politics.

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Angelenos Mobilize to Protest Citizens United