Vote Hour

Tuesday, perhaps you've heard, is an important election day in this country. Why people don't vote is sort of beyond us (though we offered many many reasons, just in case people still weren't getting it). But perhaps we were being insensitive. Some people simply can't vote, because they don't have time, they're working during the time polls are open. In fact, this was the number one reason people didn't vote in 2004. So, the folks at Google have launched a new initiative called Vote Hour, in which company CEOs pledge to let their employees off work for an hour so that they can go vote. CEOs pledged so far include those of Google, Borders, and GM, among others. Despite using the handy "email your boss" feature, we have yet to hear that GOOD has an hour off to vote, but hopefully this post will shame our leadership into doing the right thing. If you don't like reading, you can watch a video explaining this here. It does amusingly feature the Donald though, so check it out:[youtube]