One Day on Earth: Participate in this Historic, Global Film Trilogy

If you one had one day to document anything on Earth for future generations to learn from, what would it be?


If you one had one day to document any thing on Earth for future generations to learn from, what would it be? If you knew people in every country in the world were answering that question on the same day, how would it effect your choice?

Join One Day on Earth on Wednesday 12/12/12, for an amazing media event occurring in every country in the world to create a geo-tagged archive and feature film. On this day, documentary filmmakers, students, and other inspired citizens will record the human experience over a 24-hour period and contribute their voices. Together, we will create a shared archive and a film.

This is our third year producing such an event. Starting on 10/10/10 we made history by being the first film created in every country in the world. The resulting 3,000 hours of footage in 95 languages was cut into a 104 minute movie available for streaming on iTunes starting on 12/12/12. But rather than watch a film, we really hope to engage people to participate in creating one.

DO THIS: Be a part of a global, participatory film project

The project is open to any topic, but we have decided to add a suggested theme this year, asking participants to film their answers to the questions, "What do they have?" and "What do they need?" We hope the resulting answers to these questions will inform both where we are now, and a sustainable path to the future. When you think about it, nearly anything one might choose to film could be related to a have or need. We each have so much that others need—and often need what others have. But we might just find that collectively we have everything we need, if we just found a better way to connect the world.

To participate just go to and sign up. Go out and film your submission on 12/12/12 and and upload the clip to our archive, which we think of as a video time capsule on a map. On our site, there are regional and topical groups for people collaborating on different ideas in different locales. Topics include everything from music, weddings, environmental causes and childbirth. There’s a quite a lively community preparing to document 12/12/12 and we’d love you to be a part of it.

If you yourself cannot film, we are looking for greater participation in the developing world. Spreading the word to your overseas contacts is something we always appreciate.

The One Day on Earth Foundation’s mission is to connect media creators with causes globally. With over 30,000 community members worldwide, the Foundation is partnered with 60 nonprofit organizations including the United Nations, IOM, and the World Wide Fund for Nature.