We're Spending $836 Million to Clean up Old General Motors Plants

With the decline and eventual bankruptcy of General Motors, America was left with a lot of empty manufacturing plants, warehouses, and office buildings. Great, let's turn them into vertical farms or something, right? Well, as it turns out, building cars wasn't always clean, and many of these sites are contaminated. Some just need to be demolished.

Now we're getting around to that. The White House just announced a program to spend $836 million cleaning up 90 former General Motors sites in 14 states. The bulk of them are in hard-hit Michigan. New York and Ohio are both getting significant help, too. The money will cover decontamination, property taxes, and, if necessary, demolition. With the sites cleaned up, cities will be able to attract investors and tenants and yes, maybe put some of these old plants to use for clean energy projects.

Image: Janesville GM Assembly Plant, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from nostri-imago's photostream