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We're Having a Cinco de Mayo Party We're Having a Cinco de Mayo Party
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We're Having a Cinco de Mayo Party

May 5, 2006
Hey boys and girls, GOOD's celebration Cinco de Mayo is rapidly approaching. And, no, that's not the holiday where you eat five jars of mayonnaise. It's the celebration of General Zaragoza's victory over the French army at the Battle of Puebla, a mere 144 years ago.To honor General Zaragoza and his plucky troops, we're having a big ol' party (sponsored by the good folks from Brahma Beer and X-Rated vodka) at Equator Books, 1103 Abbot Kinney, in Venice. It's from 8 to 12. Featuring the Border Film Project, free drinks, djs, raffles, and (we cannot stress this enough) mariachis. Just subscribe (your $20 subscription fee goes straight to a great non-profit). Then send your subscription number to rsvp (at) to get yourself on the guest list. See you there.
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We're Having a Cinco de Mayo Party