Which Is the Most Dangerous Neighborhood in the States?

has put together a pretty insane, interactive, and thoroughly done tally of America's most dangerous areas. Not cities, or states-but neighborhoods. Which makes sense because as we all know, crime tends to happen in pockets with some people leaving their doors unlocked at night while others just one zip code over keep a bat by the door.Which area got the number one spot? We'll tell you. But first, a couple things worth noting: First, read the methodology section. Second, note that this is data is based on reported crime, and remember that certain crimes (especially rape) are widely under-reported. Also remember that in poorer neighborhoods, more crimes of all kinds go unreported. Finally, keep in mind that this was created to help homeowners and insurers determine risk in certain areas, which doesn't necessarily skew the data (it comes from pretty reliable sources), but it does inform the intent. Anyway, have a look. It's pretty fascinating stuff.The number one spot went to an area in the Nati where your chances of being a victim of a violent crime are one in four. Chicago (which has its own even more comprehensive crime database here) had four in the top 25-more than any other city. To see the rest, click here.Thanks, Adam