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Who and What the F***Are We Voting For!? — A Party

Even if you’re not one of the potentially mythical undecided voters in the presidential race, you may still be one of the roughly 100 percent of people (we made that up, but it feels right) who are undecided on the various ballot measures and state and local races you'll find in front of you on November 6.

To help solve this problem and cram for the big event coming up just around the corner, we're proposing a Who and What the F--- Are We Voting For!? party.

The idea is simple:

Find a spot to have a party. Invite some friends. Assign each guest one of the non-presidential races or ballot measures and ask them to prepare a short presentation (two minutes) to be delivered to everyone else at the party. During the party, as people present (questions and consulting the internet is fine) everyone fills out the DIY Voter Guide we're providing below to bring to the polling booth as a cheat sheet. And we figured some drinking doesn't hurt, so we've got a simple drinking game you can follow along with too.

If you're into it:

  • Click here to download a toolkit and to-do list to help you make it happen.
  • Click here to download the DIY Voter Guide and Drinking Game (print one copy for each attendee).
  • \nClick here to see if there's any of these events happening near you, or add your own to the list on GOOD's Meetup Everywhere page.
  • And we suggest grabbing the image from the top of this post to use in your invite email to friends. (To download it, just right-click (or control-click if you're on a Mac) the image and save it to your computer.)
  • \n

And as you get more into it, here are some resources to figure out what's on the ballot near you:

  • For full listings of what's on the ballot in your zipcode: or \n
  • For the GOOD Community's reviews on Ballot measures -\n
  • Many local newspapers have good voter guides and even endorsements published. We suggest searching for those perspectives to help you along your way.
  • \n

Cheers! America is lucky to have citizens like you.

This post is part of the Take Back Tuesday campaign to make Voting Day a national holiday. Sign up or encourage your company to join in at

Illustration by Corinna Loo.

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