Will African Health Programs Work in the United States

Kings County applies African health strategies to low-income communities outside of Seattle.

Seattle is bringing developing world health-care expertise to local communities in Washington state.

As reported by Seattle news site Crosscut, Swedish Health Services, a medical center in Seattle that operates 12 clinics around Washington State's King County is bringing global health expertise to impoverished locals. They plan to launch a pilot program called Global to Local using community health workers to engage local leaders to change the behavior of a community.

Crosscut's Alice Kaderlan reports:

Global to Local will provide assistance not just with health and nutrition, but also microloans, immigration issues, language interpretation [there are more than 70 languages spoken in the two target cities], unemployment benefits and even landlord problems.


What this says about the U.S. health-care system is not flattering: that we have to rely on aid organizations to improve the basic health of underserved communities in our own backyard. But it also offers yet another example of how government makes much better progress improving global health when they partner with businessmen and business -minded philanthropists.