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World's Longest Book Domino Chain Toppled to Promote Summer Reading

The Seattle Public Library began its Summer Reading Program with a record-breaking 2,131 book domino chain.

To kickoff its Summer Reading Program, the Seattle Public Library aligned some 2,131 hardcover books across floors and bookshelves before toppling them over in classic domino fashion.

The stunt took place on the third floor of the Rem Koolhaas-designed Seattle Central Library, where 27 volunteers committed their steady hands to seven hours of setup, resulting in the world's longest book domino chain. The effort was done to promote "Expand Your Horizons," the theme for the Library's Summer Reading Program.

"We had to be packed up and out of the building by midnight," said Amy Twito, the Library's youth program manager. "Everyone was so happy that we were able to break the record."


It took four previous tries before finally getting the smooth and record-breaking topple. The books used in the stunt were either donated or out-of-date. The nonprofit Friends of The Seattle Library plans to sell the books to raise money for library programs.

For more books falling over with twists and thuds, check out these other celebratory book domino chains.

United Kingdom

Members of Responsible Fishing UK, a "small arts organisation that develops big ideas with minimal environmental impact," took old library stock and went the radial route in designing their domino chain at the Barnsley Central Library in South Yorkshire.

For World Book Day 2012, students, faculty, and staff at Oriel High School in Maidenbower celebrated by watching their snaking domino chain curl around the school's library.


For Library Ireland Week 2011, the Library Association of Ireland released a video of a traveling domino chain to promote smart, interactive libraries.

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