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Woman who survived 15,000 ft drop after parachute malfunctioned shares profound message about life

The woman's journey to recovery is an inspiration to many.

Woman who survived 15,000 ft drop after parachute malfunctioned shares profound message about life
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels I Photo by Russ Jani

Skydiving is thrilling and a bucket list adventure for many. Almost a decade ago, Emma Carey was on the verge of completing a full-fledged dive from the sky when things went south. Her parachute malfunctioned and she plunged 15,000ft from the sky and hit the ground. While she managed to survive the fall, it came with health complications, as per Indy100.

Representational Image Source : Pexels I Photo by Tom Fisk
Image Source: Pexels I Photo by Tom Fisk

For a long time, she was unable to move freely. In an Instagram post, the woman shared the full story of the incident and expressed gratitude for life. For Emma Carey, who was 20 at the time, the daring skydiving act left her with life-changing injuries after her parachute didn't open during a skydive in the Swiss Alps. Like any adventure-seeking young adult, the skydive was a dream of Carey’s. However, it soon turned into a nightmare. Delving deep into the details of this horrific crash, it was reported that Carey and the instructor fell 4.5 km from the sky and plunged into the ground below. With good fortune on their side, both of them survived the fall, but Carey was paralyzed from the waist down.

Recalling the vital moments of the crash and her journey to recovery, Carey wrote on Instagram, "9•6•13 - The day I should have died, but didn't." With a picture of her sitting by the beach overlooking the sunset, Carey penned a heartfelt note of her gratitude toward life and talked about how she almost gave up on her life. "If you had asked me on that day if I wanted to live, I would have told you no," she said. Carey expressed how she decided to fight for her life. "When I was laying there in so much pain, all I wanted was a way out, but instead I got given a whole lifetime of 'thank god I'm alive to see this' moments."

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At the end of her post, she concluded that she is grateful for her life and urged people to live their lives to the fullest, "Life gets better. It continually does. So please make sure you stick around to see it. Don't let yourself miss out on all of the best moments of your life."

It has been over a decade since Carey's unfortunate skydiving accident but thankfully she has overcome all her major injuries and has regained mobility to move around freely. She has released a book titled "The Girl Who Fell from the Sky" in which she has written about her freefalling experience and how she dealt with the whole incident involving her recovery.


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