Patriotic Conflagration

Now that we have some perspective on this week's Southland fires, we're not only sifting through the very literal ashes that cover our back yards, but we're also smoldering over yesterday's incendiary celebrity banter. George Carlin and (to a greater extent) Jaime Lee Curtis, in desperate efforts to maintain slight semblances of relevance, have collided at the intersection of High and Mighty--essentially blaming those who lost their homes for causing the fires.

It's important to remember that all sorts of people were displaced by this fire, and all sorts of people need help (far more than they need admonishment).

Along those lines (sort of), We Are Multicolored offers to users a chance to create their own personal flags (ours is above). The notion of many different parts coming together to form a greater whole signifies, among other things, that you can be upset about one aspect of the country (say, the lax national environmental policies contributing to global climate change) without taking that anger out on an innocent victim (say, people who just lost their homes in a huge fire). Call it a tenuous stretch of logic. Call it cognitive dissonance. We'll call it Patriotic Conflagration.