10-Year-Old Uses Mother’s Sewing Machine to Make Clothes for the Homeless

For Xavier Elliott, homelessness hits close to home.

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While most kids have their eyeballs glued to their tablets or smart phones, 10-year-old Xavier Elliott of Phoenix, Arizona has his face stuck in another electronic device—his mother’s sewing machine.

Xavier came up with his plan after watching his mother stitch clothes and repair purses. According to Xavier, “We have so much stuff I think we should give stuff to homeless kids.” First he needed money for the project so he dipped into the only place he could, his pocket. At the onset of his project, Xavier used his allowance to purchase fabric in order to make clothes for those in need.

His mother, Stephanie, encouraged her son’s efforts by asking for donations through social media, and the money poured in. Xavier’s efforts especially hit home with her because their family had experienced homelessness first-hand after Xavier’s father returned home from the Iraq war with PTSD. “We’ve been homeless,” says his mother. “We’ve lived in six shelters. We’ve been in bad spots, a lot.”

It’s no wonder that Xavier has such a big heart when it comes to giving back. His mother runs a resource group called Arizona Veteran Families and his veteran father volunteers for the Honor Guard.

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The Elliott family’s Clothes for Charity Facebook Page.

(H/T) The Daily Mail