100-Year-Old Woman Sews a New Dress Every Day for Girls in Africa

She’s been sewing a dress a day for years.

One could learn a big lesson in living life to its fullest from 100-year-old Lillian Webber. Every day, Webber sews a new dress for a girl in Africa from her farmhouse in Bettendorf, Iowa. The dresses are then sent overseas by a Christian outreach group, Little Dresses for Africa. She starts each dress from a pattern, but doesn’t stop there. She adorns each one with individual stitching and decorations so every girl gets a unique dress of her own.

Since 2011, she’s made 1051 dresses. Her goal was to complete her one-thousandth dress by last May 6th, her one-hundredth birthday. She blew right past her goal and shows no signs of stopping. Recently, she was honored by Little Dresses for Africa, who celebrated her birthday and good deeds with a plaque (she was also featured in GOOD’s series F*ck Yeah Humanity).

Her secret to a long life?

[quote position="full" is_quote="true"]I got to bed early, get up late and, as far as eating, it’s whatever you enjoy.[/quote]

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