Pictures of what people wearing the year you (or your grandparents) were born

A photo series offers a year-by-year look at clothing trends.

Image via (cc) Flickr user Mike Monaghan

The Man bun. Athleisure. Retro folk dresses. These are today's clothing trends. When they will fall out of fashion is anybody's guess (Let's hope in the case of the man bun it's sooner rather than later.)

Humans have been shifting their wardrobe for centuries (cross-gartered stockings or powdered wigs, anyone?). Today's acid wash often results in tomorrow's comment “I can't believe they thought that was cool!"

Marie Claire has amassed a year-by-year photo essay of 100 years of fashion. It's like your own private period drama. Click through 100 years of fashion, look up the year you were born, and then imagine your parents, their friends, and everyone else walking around in these outfits. Or find the year your grandparents were at their peak of hipness and see how they worked their wardrobe.

Or simply click through all 100 years, and watch how the flapper style morphs into the draped gown of the '30s. Check out the many perennial style points that withstand the test of time: the pleated skirt, florals, the long belted coat. It's an educational look at both the fickle and the stable sides of fashion.

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