12 Days of Architecture: Five Stronger Schools

Architecture for Humanity opened five schools this year in Haiti, Mexico, and Peru.

It's day eight of Architecture for Humanity's homage to the classic holiday song, and in place of five gold rings, here are fiiiiive stroonnnnngerrrr schooooools.
We opened five schools this year in Haiti, Mexico and Peru: Montrouis, Elie Dubois, 16 de Septiembre, Divino Nino Jesus and Bon Berger Pele. They show the diversity of learning spaces achievable through great design, local coordination, materials and resources. And while they're not "school" schools, P.A.T.E.A., the Sauti Kuu center, Football for Hope in Ghana and Rwanda, the Kitakami youth center, and five other projects we worked on this year also provide education-dedicated spaces. We hope there's enough "oooooo" in "schooooools" to acknowledge them all.



Images courtesy of Architecture for Humanity\n