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#30DaysofGOOD Challenge: 12. Give Five High-Fives

Each month, we challenge our community to do something that will improve the world around us—and our own lives. September's challenge? To connect.

Welcome to The GOOD 30-Day Challenge (#30DaysofGOOD). Each month, we challenge our community members to do something that will improve the world around us—and our own lives. The challenge for September? To connect with other people. In an effort to help us all rise to the occasion, we're going to assign one small task every day. Each morning, we will post the challenge on and Twitter, along with a testimonial from someone on the GOOD team who's already completed it. We invite you to complete all 30 mini-challenges with us! Today, we challenge you to:

Give five high-fives.

High-five. Air-five. Group-five. Those just a few of the types of "fives" you can give, and I got to experience them all.

My first "five" happened when I walked out of my apartment and almost ran into a little boy. He was about six years old, and looked miserable. It was his first day of school. After a moment of hesitation, I crouched down and held up my hand. He didn't even pause before giving me a high-five and a smile.

Driving to work, I air-fived a cute guy driving in a convertible next to me. Then, while walking from my car to the office, a construction worker waved at me and winked. Ordinarily I would have kept walking, but I stopped, turned, and said, "I think y'all deserve a high five!" So four guys in orange hats and I joined in for a big ol' group five.

It's not everyday you get to connect with a little boy, a cute guy in a convertible and four construction workers all in the span of a few hours. Consider me a convert to the power of high-fives.
- Manasa Yeturu


Ready, set, go! Good luck completing today's challenge. Share your experience on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook by using the hashtag #30DaysofGOOD, or let us know how it went in the comments section below.

Tomorrow's challenge: Call someone you haven't talked to in years.

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