A Desk Designed for Sleeping on the Job

Nick DeMarco's Daydreamer Desk encourages more creative thought and gives people a place to rest.

If you're anything like me, chances are there's been a point in your life that you've fallen asleep at your desk. And that's not to mention the countless hours spent not exactly sleeping, but day dreaming, with thoughts drifting anywhere and everywhere but the task at hand.

Artist Nick DeMarco sought to embrace—and even encourage—these mind wandering moments by creating the 'Daydreamer Desk.' With a soft fabric top squishy enough for sleeping on and kicking your feet up, this flexible piece of furniture allows for a more relaxed work environment, and a space for creative ideas to flourish. Without the rigid confines of a regular desk, DeMarco thinks one will be relieved of anxiety, and encouraged to think more freely.

He explains to the website inspirez, “I decided to focus not on the specific causes of stress (traffic, money, family, etc.) but instead to encourage a laid-back view towards life. The messaging of ‘work’ associated with the desk form are put towards the ‘work’ of introspection, relaxation and thoughtful meditation.”

What do you think, would you get any work done at a desk like this? Do you think it would encourage more creative output?

Images courtesy of Nick DeMarco