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Healthcare is a fundamental right. That idea may be at the crux of American politics right now, but it's not an American concern—it's a human one. The United Nation's third sustainability development goal honors that universality by transcending what divides us — borders, socio-economics, religion, and language — to further ensure basic healthcare for all people around the globe, narrowing their focus to four crucial categories: maternal health, infectious diseases, reproductive health, and non-communicable diseases.

Of course, what constitutes "basic" healthcare is always evolving. In the 18th century, an experimental smallpox vaccine was administered to Catherine the Great but the World Health Assembly didn't expand that privilege to all populations until 1958. The vaccine evolved from a rare privilege to a fundamental one. Today, smallpox is eradicated.

To honor the UN's commitment to bringing basic healthcare to people around the globe, check out some of the spectacular achievements humanity has made over the years:

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