Act Bolder's Premise: Improve Your Life, Get Free Stuff

Maybe you find yourself driving when you could easily bike. Or eating too little fruit. Perhaps the incentive you need is a free yoga class or discounts at a local bar. That's the idea behind a new site called Act Bolder.

Act Bolder issues regular challenges to its members to do little, positive things, such as spending a day without a car, donating books to a local library, or discovering the local CSA. When you report back after completing a challenge, you can get coupons, discounts, or free stuff from local businesses and national retailers such as Whole Foods and Prana. It's sort of like Groupon, but with more positive externalities.

Act Bolder works on the honor system—there's no one checking to make sure you've completed a challenge—but the spirit of the site is about trying new things. Today's challenge is to wash a load of laundry on the cold/cold cycle. The reward: 20 percent off a Seventh Generation product. One Act Bolder member accepted the challenge and wrote "Today I'll use cold/cold cycle to see how it works. I'm skeptical though." Perhaps she'll find it works just fine.