Amazing Guerrilla Gardening in Southern California Amazing Guerrilla Gardening in Southern California

Amazing Guerrilla Gardening in Southern California

February 25, 2010
A little while ago we held a contest, Islands for Islands, that asked members of the GOOD community to spruce up traffic islands in their cities. We accepted both planned projects, envisioned in photoshop, and real projects that had been completed. The contest has ended, but this week we got a late entry that merits its own post. Scott writes:
I know the contest is over but I just found out about it. So, I thought I would send you some examples of the guerrilla garden work I've done to improve southern California anyway. I can't believe all the entries were photoshopped. It would have been nice if you had at least one actual real world project. I've been working on this particular project for over 15 years.
And there's more:
Here's another guerrilla gardening project planted April 2009. This was done with a small group of people from around SoCal. I supplied the plants and tools. Working solo and in groups I have planted thousands of succulents and dozens of trees around SoCal. Most gardens are not on islands but I've worked on about 1/2 dozen medians. Unfortunately some gardens have been removed by the cities government for different reasons and most of those locations are still empty. Go figure.
Scott's work completely blew us away, and who among his neighbors could possibly complain. You can check out more of his work and get involved at Socal Guerrilla Gardening.
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Amazing Guerrilla Gardening in Southern California